Sky News

I took a look at the Sky News site and detailed its opportunities for improvement, citing both the quick wins and the longer term goals. This was an exercise I conducted in my spare time, resulting in a comprehensive pitch document. Below are a few extracts.


Currently there’s a button for Watch Live, but why not also indicate which news item is presently being covered on TV? Giving the user a story to care about means they are more likely to give the TV coverage a look, and would help Sky to build a broader news relationship with its customers.
Live TV coverage
The homepage doesn't include much by way of sectioning content, other than ‘Top Stories’, ‘Analysis & Content’, and ‘More Top Stories’. Dedicated sections for popular categories (e.g. Sport, Business, World) would not only help users to digest and traverse the wealth of content, but also communicate the breadth of Sky News' coverage.
Every story on the homepage has an image attached. This not only makes it harder to promote certain content over others (by having some stories with images, and some without), but also makes the site look less dense overall, which may lead to users inferring a lack of quality.
Content density and hierarchy
Sports news is nowhere to be found in the navigation, as it sits on a separate site. A new user has no way of knowing this. As a quick win, there could be a link to Sky Sports in the Sky News site navigation. In the longer term, full integration between all news and TV services would be more effective.
The absence of sports
A Golden Globe story is a fantastic opportunity to drive interest in nominated shows that air on Sky. A quick win would be to link to the show's homepage within the article, but in the longer term, allow logged in subscribers to satisfy their curiosity by enabling them to remote record the show, right from this news page.
Better integration between Sky TV and Sky News
A look on the Game Of Thrones page on the Sky Atlantic site reveals an interview with George RR Martin. Yet a search on Sky News for his name doesn't expose that interview in the results. It should be possible to create an entertainment news piece from the content of his interview, leveraging Sky's advantage as a broadcaster.
Driving news through entertainment