National Curriculum Resource Finder

The National Curriculum 2014 (NC2014) was being introduced by the government, and the changes were big. Schools and teachers would need to adapt their lessons quickly. We decided to create a tool that would help.


One-on-one and group interviews, sketching, user journeys, wireframes, user testing, Balsamiq Mockups, Agile.


This tool allowed teachers to adapt quickly to government changes by finding content that was directly relevant to the new curriculum. The teacher was able to look at the curriculum, find a learning objective, and then go directly to a resource on Espresso which taught that objective.
A fast way to pinpoint the one resource you need,
amidst thousands
We visited schools to ascertain their needs regarding their new curriculum. We asked teachers to talk to us about how they plan their lessons, and which digital tools they used, if any. We specifically asked them to take a look at some of our competitors’ tools that offered a similar function.
Wireframe for desktop
An early desktop wireframe shows how the teacher can use various filters to navigate the curriculum structure, and find resources that were relevant to either to highly specific parts of it, or to broad topics.
The menu uses clever trigonometry to
avoid unintended mouse hovers
The ability to focus on a specific area of the curriculum closely mapped what teachers told us about their lesson planning – they plan lessons around a few particular learning objectives. The ability to jump straight to the relevant part of the curriculum, and to see only what they needed at the time, met their needs.
The final page, with the accordion open
A look at how the tool functions on phones. Teachers may plan their lessons everywhere, on any device they have to hand.
The experience on phones
And here's that phone experience in colour. Less important information, such as the resource type icons, were made text-only to afford more room for titles and descriptions. 
Phone experience with styles applied