CMS Content Creator

‘Bubblebath’ is Espresso’s CMS content creator. It was created by a developer without any UX input at all, so I was tasked with improving the experience for our internal users, with minimal development effort.


One-on-one and group interviews, sketching, user journeys, wireframes, Balsamiq Mockups.


I spent time talking to staff to discover their main pain points, and gather suggestions for improvements. The overall goal was to improve the user experience so that internal staff didn't need to be trained extensively before they can create content in the CMS; make it more intuitive and usable.
An intuitive CMS editor
This is what the editor looked like when I was asked to improve it. Complex and confusing, to say the least.
Do you understand this?
The proposed redesign. Aside from the top bar, the page being edited looks exactly as it would when deployed.
Hovering over editable components reveals a set of options
Fortunately, I discovered the old UI was layered on top of the actual content. This unhelpful abstraction of rectangles was hiding something that users could more easily relate to, and importantly it would be easy to remove.
The user can right-click to reveal a context-sensitive menu
Additional views, such as the Outline view that shows the structure of the content, are still be available, but can be hidden.
At the user's discretion, additional panels can be opened