A factfile is a web article comprising of text, pictures, video, and audio. It’s use on Espresso’s services had evolved organically over time, to the point where its purpose and role was no longer clear. My job was to audit the use cases and determine what worked well, what worked less well, and propose a new format with a clear and effective purpose.


Stakeholder research, sketching, wireframes, low-fidelity prototypes, user testing, Balsamiq Mockups.


A factfile, styled for children in the higher years of primary school. Compared to its predecessor, this factfile was given a clear role, format, and purpose, and allowed students and teachers alike to determine the subject matter at a glance.
A web article designed for primary school children
We conducted interviews with internal and external stakeholders to understand the role of the factfile pedagogically, and how it was used by teachers either in their lessons or as homework assignments.
Design overview
The left-hand navigation menu affords anchor links to the sections of the factfile, and remains in position as the rest of the page is scrolled. This has the benefit of exposing the contents up front, and negating the need for the user to scroll back to the top of the page to navigate quickly.
Desktop experience
The design is, naturally, responsive.
Tablet experience
On phones the navigation menu is condensed, allowing the content to shine.
Phone experience
A closer look at the phone navigation. In addition to the section navigation, a menu at the bottom of the page represents common next tasks for users when they've finished reading a factfile.
Phone navigation
A factfile for older students (in secondary schools). The basic concepts remain, but the style is more adult.
Designed to allow for re-skinning for an older audience