Timeless is a project I did in my spare time, noticing the problems Espresso had with schedule management, and with recording the time spent on projects. I took a Friday off work and went away for the weekend to put a proposal together, which you can read in full here.


Stakeholder research, Balsamiq Mockups.


Timeless is a web-based scheduling application. It was done outside of work, so I didn't have the opportunity to talk to the staff about their experiences, nor to test any prototypes. I did however take lessons from my time working there, and common complaints of staff.
Timeless is a cross-device web application
Existing timesheet methods are, by and large, rigid, and time-consuming. They're dependent on spreadsheets representing fixed units of time, though time is much more flexible than fixed units can ever allow.
Schedule time, compare, view a revision history
Timeless uses easily resized boxes to represent time, rather than hard numbers that need to be constantly adjusted to ensure they all add up.
Time abstracted to shapes
Users can compare the time scheduled against the time spent. The diff view shows which projects increased in time, which decreased in time, and which were never scheduled in the first place.
Compare time scheduled against time spent
Timeless works on whatever device you have to hand, so there's no need to remember to update the schedule when you're back at your desk.
Works on whatever device you have to hand